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Message From Your Edmonton Personal Injury Lawyer: The NDP Secret Minor Injury Regulation Amendment

With its defeat in the provincial election on April 16, 2019, the NDP became Alberta’s first ever one term government. Rachel Notley’s NDP took office after winning the previous election in 2015 with much promise to stand up for ordinary Albertans. However, severely normal Albertans severely injured in auto accidents were left severely disappointed with the NDP.

Behind closed doors and with no discussion whatsoever in our Legislative Assembly, in May of 2018 the NDP cabinet quietly amended the Minor Injury Regulation to add people with certain TMJ (jaw joint) and psychological injuries to the list of car crash victims subject to an insurance compensation cap. When the previous PC government slashed compensation available to people suffering sprains, strains and whiplash injuries in auto accidents back in 2004, the NDP opposition strongly criticized the PCs as favouring the fiscal interests of insurance companies over the rights of innocent victims. Yet once in office Nötley Crüe sided with the multi-billion dollar insurance industry by intentionally re-victimizing even more vulnerable Albertans hurt by reckless or impaired drivers. The fact that the NDP government announced this shortly before the May long weekend, when few were paying attention, perhaps indicates just how embarrassed the NDP was at its own hypocrisy. Connect With Edmonton Injury Lawyer Dedicated To Urging Premier Kenney's UCP Government to Scrap the Cap! McCourt Law Offices urges Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party of Alberta government to stand up for innocent Albertans injured in auto accidents and scrap the cap. Our battle for fair insurance compensation in Alberta continues, however if you need assistance with your own battle, connect with our team today. Together, we will fight for your right to full and fair compensation. Call us today at (780) 448-0011 or toll-free at 1-877-448-0011 to schedule a free initial consultation. There is no fee until you collect.


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