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COVID-19 Vaccine Passports: Become One of MLO’s VIP Clients!


In a blog post last year, McCourt Law Offices (MLO) discussed the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic and the associated restrictions our law firm was necessarily imposing, including on in-office client appointments. As extremely safe and effective SARS-CoV-2 vaccines have been available for months, giving most Albertans over 11 years old ample time to be fully vaccinated against this infectious disease by now, and with the MLO Employee VaxxPass initiative introduced earlier this year very well established and operating smoothly, we are pleased to announce the rollout of our Covid VIP (Vaccine Inoculation Passport) program for qualifying new clients of the firm.

Membership has its privileges: as a VIP client of the firm, rather than having to go through the protracted three stage intake process set out in MLO’s 2020 Covid-19 guidelines (emailing us all of the paperwork pertinent to your auto accident injury claim, followed by a detailed phone interview, and culminating in an in-office appointment with an intake lawyer who stays a healthy 25 feet away from you), your appointment will take place in an easy one step process in the actual intake lawyer’s office with you sitting on the other side of his desk, a scant couple of metres away from said legal counsel, much like the good old days -- well, still adhering to any law firm rules needed due to the UCP government’s gross dereliction of duty and because of those refusing vaccination, who are thus prolonging this pandemic and allowing the China virus to strengthen and morph into more contagious and lethal mutations such as the Indian (Delta) B.1.617 variant. To obtain your MLO Covid Vaccine Passport, clients need only provide documentary proof they’ve had the good sense and common decency to have been fully vaccinated against this deadly disease, which has so far killed over 2,300 Albertans, over 26,000 Canadians, and over 4.5 million men, women and children worldwide. As a sincere “Thank You” for doing your part to help protect vulnerable Albertans including our immunocompromised support staff from this highly transmissible and harmful virus, new VIP client cases typically will be assigned to one of MLO’s “Tier One” legal professionals (defined as one of the firm’s McCourts with an office on the first floor of the building). However, be assured that we are not turning our backs on anti-CoVaxxers wrongfully injured by reckless drivers: at the conclusion of your three stage intake process, Mr. McCourt may choose to assign conduct of your car crash case to a MLO “Tier Two” lawyer (i.e., one with a second floor office) who likely will identify with your covid vaccine hesitancy (and might perhaps even share some other rather eccentric beliefs with you). The COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely difficult on all of us, from those who have had to delay getting a haircut or tattoo due to provincial restrictions, to those whose businesses (such as this guy’s firm) have had to curtail operations and withstand massive revenue declines over the past 18 months, and most importantly to those with debilitating chronic post-covid ailments and/or who have lost a loved one to this severe acute respiratory illness. We are all in this together, and hope is on the horizon for better times ahead (except of course for the scores of our fellow Albertans who will be swept away in the tsunamic “Made-in-Alberta” Kenney-Hinshaw Fall Fourth Wave). God bless, stay safe, fully vaccinate against Covid and get your McCourt Law Offices Vaxxport! For further information regarding the MLO covid VIP program, feel free to contact us.

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