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I Just Had a Car Accident! What Do I Do Next?

Two vehicle car accident

Most people know the basics of what to do in the immediate aftermath of a car accident: report the accident to the police, seek medical attention, and notify your insurance company.

But many aren’t sure what to do next. If the car accident wasn't your fault and you got hurt, how do you ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries from the careless driver? How do you know who to talk to, what information you have to share, how long the process will take, and what amount of compensation is fair? Our team of Edmonton accident injury lawyers prepared this guide to answer those questions and provide general information to assist car accident victims. If you have specific questions or need more information, set up your free initial consultation with one of our Edmonton motor vehicle accident lawyers. Do I Have to Talk to the Negligent Driver’s Insurance Adjuster? If the car accident wasn't your fault and you got hurt, you have an injury claim against the negligent motorist who caused the motor vehicle accident. The goal of the at-fault driver’s insurance adjuster is to settle your claim as soon as possible and for as little as possible. The insurance adjuster may push you to provide information or pressure you to accept a settlement offer. For that reason, the best course of action is to avoid direct communication with the negligent driver’s insurance adjuster. Instead, speak to one of our team of personal injury lawyers in Edmonton as soon as possible after the accident (and certainly before accepting an offer to settle your claim). We will deal with the insurance company on your behalf. If you don't have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side, you may end up with zero compensation or only a fraction of what's fair. How Long Will It Take to Get Compensation for My Injuries? The answer depends on a number of factors, including the severity of your injuries and whether they have caused any permanent disability. As discussed above, the #1 objective of the negligent driver’s insurance adjuster is to settle your claim as quickly and cheaply as possible. You should not settle your claim until you have had the opportunity to fully assess your injuries and how those injuries affect your lifestyle and ability to work. Take the time to seek appropriate treatment and rehabilitation services. Our Edmonton motor vehicle accident lawyers advise clients not to settle their claim until injuries have fully recovered, or if injuries are longer lasting, until the injuries have reached a point where no further recovery is expected. If your injuries are relatively minor, your claim may settle within a few months. If your injuries are more serious, it will likely take longer. Once you hire one of our personal injury lawyers to represent you throughout the claims process, we will protect your rights and ensure that the limitation date for bringing a lawsuit is preserved. Regardless of how long it takes to settle your claim – and even if it is necessary to go to trial to secure the compensation you deserve – you don’t have to worry about paying legal fees or expenses to us in the interim. You pay no fees to McCourt Law Offices until you collect your cash compensation. What Amount of Compensation Is Fair? You have a right to seek full and fair compensation for your injuries. A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can look at the full picture and advise you as to the amount you can realistically expect for your claim. Fair compensation is determined based on an evaluation of the factors, including the nature and severity of your injuries, the extent to which the injuries affect your lifestyle and your ability to earn income, and the cost of treatments for your injuries. Each of those factors is compared to other cases involving similar injuries to give an expected range of damages. McCourt Law Offices offers accident victims an initial consultation at no cost to evaluate the nature of your injuries and provide a preliminary opinion as to whether or not you have a valid personal injury claim arising out of your motor vehicle accident. Is There an Edmonton Accident Injury Lawyer Who Can Help Me? Mr. McCourt and the team of experienced Edmonton personal injury lawyers at McCourt Law Offices are available to help. You deserve fair compensation. At McCourt Law Offices, we pledge to fight for your right to full and fair compensation. Call us today to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our accident injury lawyers in Edmonton. We ask you to please bring a copy of the police report to your appointment. Please also bring any pictures you took at the scene of the accident, a list of the caregivers you have seen for your injuries, any paperwork you have from your insurance adjuster or from the other side's insurance company, your driver's license and your AHC card.There is no fee until you collect, so it can't hurt to give us a call!


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