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Bicycle Injury

Experienced Bicycle Injury Lawyer in Edmonton

According to The Alberta Traffic Safety Act, a bicycle is considered to be a vehicle and the person riding it has all the rights and responsibilities of a rider. Cyclists are vulnerable to severe injuries on the road. To avoid accidents they must wear a helmet and follow rules of the road. Despite taking all the precautions, they may still have an unfortunate experience of being in an accident with a motor vehicle. If you are a cyclist and were hit by a car, claim for your damages with the help of our bicycle injury lawyers in Edmonton.


Generally, the common cause of bicycle accidents is negligence of the motor vehicle operator, such as:

Failing to use headlights during dusk and dawn
Opening car doors without looking out for cyclists
Ignoring stop signs
Speeding through an area


Our team strives to protect your rights and is there for you throughout the legal proceedings.


If you need our bicycle injury lawyers in Edmonton, give us a call today. Our attorneys help you determine facts that will help strengthen your case. We have 25 years of experience in dealing with car accidents and soft tissue injury cases.

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