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About Sara K. McCourt

Sara K. McCourt

The brilliant oldest daughter of the firm’s founder, Sara Kay McCourt was one of a select few teenaged University of Alberta Faculty of Law students in the 21st century to date. After posting a scintillating 90th percentile score on the LSAT, Sara earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy degree with distinction in 2020, a prestigious Juris Doctorate in 2021, and was called to the Alberta bar in 2022. 

In addition to assisting injured clients, “Doctor" McCourt also occupies the C-Suite of the McCourt Law Offices Group of Companies (Mark McCourt Professional Corporation and Herbert Patrotage Holdings Inc.) in her capacity as both Chief Financial Officer and Chief Investment Officer.


When she’s not working diligently on her clients’ cases, Sara McCourt enjoys travelling to faraway lands and spending quality time with her family. Sara has attended Harvard and Oxford Universities and has appeared in the Supreme Court of Canada, but all three strictly as a tourist while on family vacations.

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